Vince Kramer Associates, Inc

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is two-fold:

1. To provide comprehensive service and support to retailers in the gift industry with the best selection of inspirational and religious products that will help them meet their customers' needs
2. To assist retailers in making informed buying decisions by
Vince Kramer Associates, Inc is a second-generation family owned and operated, Sales Representative Group. We provide the most comprehensive product offerings from a wide array of manufacturers and importers in the inspirational gift industry.

V. Paul Kramer, our President and Principal Sales Rep grew up in a family retail environment, studied six years for the priesthood, taught history at the college and seminary level for ten years, and owned his own retail store for an additional ten years—prior to joining the rep group his parents had founded in Michigan in 1970. He expanded this family rep group into Ohio and the surrounding states in 1984.

In 1996, after his father Vince died and his mother Solina retired, Paul bought VKA and moved the corporate headquarters to Columbus, OH, where he has a permanent showroom in the Columbus MarketPlace. VKA has Sales Associates who provide personal service to retailers in the five states of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and western Pennsylvania.

Who We Are

We Believe that there are no "dumb questions"